When we talk about graphic design, we say good quality print and powerful design.

Atelier Gucunski has a great experience in all the phases: design, print preparation and printing itself. This background is a foundation for our projects today.

If you need a compelling logo to start a new business, promotional/advertising material for your project, a catalogue for a special offer or anything your company needs – we can make it possible.

Logo – Your logo is your identity. It defines the visual style and sends a message to the public. We make it visually identifiable and unique, with a sense of what the logo stands for. It represents your company, your audience remembers and recognises it – it must be impressive from the start!

Brand identity – Making a brand out of you business relays a lot on your visual identity. This means much more than just the logo itself. It is the implementation of the logo in various circumstances, business cards and letters, mail templates and more. It is also the definition of the color palette and fonts to be used in future projects. All this we define with care in the Visual style identity (Book of standards) for you. If you strive for a professional appearance, this is a great way to start

Promotional and advertising material – Whether you need a catalogue to show your best products, a leaflet to advertise your business or any kind of sign, sticker or other type of material with your visual stamp, we create the right design for it and prepare it for printing.
In cooperation with our associates we can also arrange printing for you. 

Everything we make as a graphic design project can be developed into a website, social media content or further.
A logo is the start for which we offer various implementations regarding on what your business or project requires.