DTP – desktop publishing is about making the design applicable. 

The promotional products have many forms, shapes and uses and the design must be the perfect match for the product.

Atelier Gucunski, besides designing also does the Prepress process.

With years of experience in DTP working for “Bestevaer TC”, we know how to combine aesthetic and practical and prepare any design to be printed in top quality.

Whether you need a catalogue to show your best products, a leaflet to advertise your business or any kind of sign, sticker or other type of material with your visual stamp, we create the right design for it and prepare it for printing. In cooperation with our associates we can also arrange printing for you. 

Speaking about DTP, we work both on short and long-term projects. If your business needs someone to be there for all design and print related matter, contact us for an arrangement.

If you wish for your printed design to have the best quality, contact us.
We take care of the colors and dimensions so everything fits just the way you have imagined – or better!