Concepts are all the things we do
integrated into a strategy for developing you brand or project.

Logo, website, social media, printed material are the starting points to have your brand covered.

While creating a strategy with you, we think about who we present your work to, what your business goals are and how we wish for the world to see you. We work on visual and written content in our office, but together with our associates we also arrange photo-shootings and promotional videos. 

When we talk about concepts and branding, in addition to what graphic and web design already offer, we highlight social media marketing. Whatever your line of work is, a big part of your target group is online, surfing or scrolling their social media feeds. By choosing the right platform, content and activities, we can go a long way in digital marketing. 

If you already have a start (logo, social media channel or website) we can work with that and grow from where you are at that point with your brand or project. Let’s make a great story together!