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Ballet Rex Ilusivii In Vitro / Suba with in us

Visualisation of creative work of a composer and producer Mitar Subotic Suba, a prominent figure of new music, based on autobiographic story seen from the choreographer’s eye of Aleksandra Ketig

Next performance: Sat 26. nov at 18 h. E V E N I N G    S T A G E Pozorište mladih.
Reservation: 021 525 884, 520 534, 521 826

The following artists and associates have been working on this project intensively for 12 months:
Composer: Mitar Subotic-Suba
Author, choreographer and director: Aleksandra Ketig
Scenographer/Set designer: Dragan Gucunski
Costume designer: Jesenka Radovanovic
Music associate: Slobodan Misailovic

Slobodan Ninković

Suba-emotional me, child, man
Jovica Begojev

Suba-creative me, a child, a man
Saša Krga

The mother, a child, a woman
Agota Vitkai-Kučera

Love, a child, a woman
Maja Stanković

The girl-friend, a child, a woman
Kristina Radenković

A father, a child, a man
Stevan Sremac

Pupils of the Secondary Ballet School in Novi Sad

Other associates:
Sounding and lighting: Jan Sas, Dusko Ris
Makeup: Gorislav Vidakovic
Hair stylist: Milan Kozlina
Photographer: Zlatko Silver Teleki
Master of lights: Milan Knezevic
Scene: Slavko Karapandza, Zeljko Popovic,
Aleksandar Paulik, Igor Kurunci
Wardrobe attendant: Marina Peric
Organiser: Miroslava Komnenovic
P.R.: Dragana Vukovic
Director: Dragoljub Selakovic

Aleksandra Ketig

She started and spent most of her education, dancing career, researches in choreography and dance, as well as pedagogical work in Novi Sad. In the period from 1978 to 1993 she was a member of the ensemble and soloist of the Ballet of the Serbian National Theatre.
She continued and improved her education and skills in Paris (L` Ecole de dance Paris) and St. Petersburg (LAHU im. A. J. Vaganove) and later on continued her ballet search in Holland.
She has worked with a number of choreographers (V. Bokadoro, V. Kostic, I. Otrin, S. Pervan, N. Kokotovic, M. Bogaert, M. D`Herripon), ballet pedagogues (S. Pieretti, R. Kljavin, N. Jananis S. Pirogova, M. Eekels) and artists known for their fine arts and music pieces (Violeta and Vlada Labat, D. Gucunski, Z. Mulic, M. Subotic and Z. Avdalevic) and she has managed to realise successfully a number of projects. Ms Ketig taught at ballet schools in Novi Sad, Wassenaar, Nijmegen, Soest, Conservatoire in The Hague and Academy in Arnhem. She organised many workshops on dancing in Gronigen, Rhenen, Nijmegen and The Bosch.
She wrote and translated many articles on ballet ("The Support in Duet Dancing" N.N. Serebrenikova).
Today she lives in Novi Sad again. works in the Ballet School (Department of Modern Dance) and is involved in promotion and affirmation of young dancers and new expression on the stage..

Realised under the auspices of: The Executive Board of the City Assembly of Novi Sad

© Co-production Agency Atelier Gucunski and The Theatre of Youth (Pozoriste mladih)